• Are you wasting too much time with the wrong software? Are you wasting any time at all?
  • Are you thinking about switching from QuickBooks Pro or Premier to Enterprise Solutions?
  • Are you wondering if a third-party application could make a difference?
  • Are your computers running too slowly? Do you frequently drop network connections?
  • Is your staff wasting time entering the same data into two different software applications?
  • Are you looking for a qualified full-time or part-time controller or bookkeeper?
  • Would you like to access your data from anywhere in the world?

If you answered yes to even ONE of these questions, you need the services of Programming & Software Support. We offer a wide range of computer software and system support, including customized programming solutions, accounting software setup and support, both on-site and remote, part time bookkeeping and controllership placement, managed IT services, troubleshooting and consulting on more than 15 leading software products.

Customized Programming Solutions

Are you tired of trying to fit your business needs into a software program not specifically designed for your industry? We can help.

Our stable of programmers can design a customized solution to solve any problem. We thrive with the latest programming techniques and approaches, meaning we can customize your reports and forms without taking down the whole system. We also program in SQL, QuickBase, Method Integration and other languages and applications upon request.

We have designed and created a wide range of customized solutions, to name just a few:

  • An information system for an organization with over 1,500 units;
  • An agricultural database for an international sugar cane breeder;
  • A maintenance tracking system for a condominium association;
  • An invoicing and receivables system for a cellular phone store;
  • An advertiser tracking system for a major entertainment facility.

Accounting Software Setup, Support & Troubleshooting

We have been Intuit Solution Providers, Certified QuickBooks Enterprise ProAdvisors, Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors, Certified QuickBooks POS Advisors, Certified Sage Peachtree Software Consultants, Certified Fishbowl Inventory and Method Integration Affiliates for more than 20 years. We have over 1,000 successful installations worldwide and a great track record of isolating and solving accounting software problems.

We have also designed Order Entry/ Inventory front-end solutions for a wide variety of accounting programs. If you’re wondering whether it’s possible to extract a specific report, call us. We can use a number of products to format the exact report you need.

Staffing Solutions

Finding the person with the right skills and personality for your team can be frustrating. How often have you thought you hired the right person to run your accounting department only to be disappointed?

After all, anyone can say, “I know QuickBooks.” But how do you know it’s true?

  • We know because for over 20 years, we have unraveled thousands of problems caused by the “I-know-QuickBooks” folks.
  • We know because we have trained hundreds of bookkeepers, accountants and controllers.
  • We know because we rigorously test our candidates.

But it’s about more than a skill-set.

If the chemistry doesn’t work, then the most highly-qualified person in the world won’t.

We think of ourselves as matchmakers with an eye for the ideal personality and skills.

Whether you are looking for one-time hiring assistance or a partner to review your staffing needs on an ongoing basis, we can provide the following services:

  • Professional Skills Testing
  • Interviewing
  • Placement
  • Training
  • Ongoing Review

If you need a professional to help you make the right hiring decision,
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