Make Us Your Information Technology Resource

Are you looking for an experienced Information technology team? One that frees you to run your business more efficiently? Programming & Software Support is a 24-year old technology firm specializing in the design, implementation, troubleshooting and continued support of accounting and business software systems for small to mid-sized businesses. With over 1,000 successful installations and more than 50 years of combined technical support experience, we are your automated business solution.

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Programming Solutions

Are you tired of trying to fit your business needs into a software program not specifically designed for your needs? We can help.

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Free POS Software

Get a free version of QuickBooks POS.

Save on QuickBooks POS credit card processing approved through us!.

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Accounting Software Support

Have you just discovered that your QuickBooks or Peachtree data is bollixed up beyond belief? We will evaluate and fix your data.

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Buy Discounted QuickBooks

As an Intuit Affiliate, we are happy to sell certain QuickBooks Products at our cost.

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Monthly Maintenance

You change the oil in your car, and you see a doctor as needed. Let us help maintain your data’s health.

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Read about how we helped micro-credit driven enterprise in Guatemala.

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